How To Set Up a Timecentre in Your Local Community Free Udemy Course

How To Set Up a Timecentre in Your Local Community

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as of May 19, 2018 6:14 pm

Timecentres are beneficial for all! You can create a Timecentre that enables your local community to become more active.

Created by: Dawn Davies
Community and Timecentres Expert
217 students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand what a Timecentre is
  • Understand the history of Timecentres
  • Learn from an example of a successful Timecentre model
  • Understand the use of Timecentres on a global scale
  • Create their own Timecentre in their local community
  • Create their own Time Credit currency for their Timecentre
  • Reinvigorate a social hub in their local community
  • Engage with their local community
  • Understand the activities and groups needed in their community
  • Understand how they can recruit members to help out and get involved in the system
  • Learn from resources, such as reusable documents and examples
  • Understand how they can utilise a Timecentre fully


  • You will need to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, as this is the format in which the downloadable, reusable examples are accessed.
  • It would also be beneficial to have some understanding of the importance of active communities
  • Students would also need a positive mindset to help set up their own Timecentre to benefit their local community!

Target audience

  • This Timecentre course is designed for people who are not familiar with the idea of a Timecentre, and want to understand it and utilise it into their local community.
  • This course is also designed for people who want to find a way to engage with their local community, and create a system that truly works to engage residents, through reinvigorating a social hub in the area.
  • This course is designed for people running a community building, and want to increase the use
  • This course is designed for people who want to see fun activities going on in their local community
  • This course is designed for people who are interested in sustainable development
  • This course is designed for people who want to see their community members become more active and energetic
  • This course is for people who have some understanding of community benefit projects, and want to learn more
  • This course can be for people who are unsure how they can benefit their local area, and want to find out
  • This course is not for individuals who are experts in Timecentres or community benefit projects
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