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Writing Great Fantasy: World Building Workshop

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Writing fantasy: The step-by-step method to writing a believable and compelling world that will enchant your readers

Created by: Jason Link
Author, Instructor, Speaker
956 students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • build a believable and compelling world for a fantasy story
  • map out your world -- natural features (mountains, rivers, forests, etc.) and people made features (countries, cities, and roads)
  • create fantastic creatures that survive in your world's habitats
  • develop peoples and races and establish their societies and cultures
  • plan out your world's timeline to get the big picture of your world's story
  • form a healthy relationship between your world and your story
  • learn crucial concepts used all throughout the world building process
  • learn how to establish rules for your world so your world is more believable
  • learn how to create a world of depth so your world is more compelling
  • learn how to create meaningful names for the various people, places, and things in your world


  • A great imagination!
  • A basic knowledge of fantasy literature and media is helpful but not necessary

Target audience

  • Fiction writers interested in creating fantasy worlds
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