What is the meaning of network delay will impact delivery?

Bluedart often displays the status “network delay will impact delivery” when you try to track your package’s delivery status. It is an industry term used to describe random reasons for shipping delays of your parcel.

There is a fixed time at which goods arrive and depart from a hub, now if there is a delay in the arrival of the shipment and the departure time of that hub has already passed, then your parcel will depart in the next departure window.

This will impact delivery and cause shipping delays. Sometimes there could be delay in the cargo planes or trucks that companies use to transport goods. Any of these reasons could be the cause behind ‘network delay will impact delivery‘.

What means network delay?

Network delay means that in the supply chain of cargo, there has been some mishap which has caused a shipping delay and hence it will impact delivery of your parcel.

How long does Blue Dart take to deliver?

Bluedart is a very good courier service and they do deliver pretty quickly in most urban Indian cities.

Does Blue Dart deliver before expected date?

Yes, there have been many instances when Bluedart has delivered before expected date. They have excellent supply chain and transport facilities which work to ensure the quick delivery of your parcels.

Does Blue Dart deliver on Sunday India?

Yes, Bluedart does deliver on Sunday in India.


What is the meaning of network delay will impact delivery?
Article Name
What is the meaning of network delay will impact delivery?
Bluedart shows network will impact delivery when there has been mishap in there supply chain.

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