facebook messenger notification won’t go away

Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites in the world and there are over a billion people who use it daily. Facebook also has its mobile apps which are used daily by millions of users to access Facebook.

Facebook has separate apps for chatting and browsing Facebook, Its app for chatting with Facebook users is known as Messenger. Messenger can be directly accessed from the Facebook app by clicking on the message icon at the top right corner of the homepage. But sometimes even though we have read and replied to almost everyone who had sent us a message, the Facebook app keeps on showing that there is an unread message for us waiting to be read, but when we click on it and open the Messenger app, that clearly isn’t the case and we see that there are no unread messages.

And also even after we have clicked on it, it won’t go away and it will keep bothering us with that annoying one unread message mark. So how to fix this thing and remove the unread message notification from the messenger icon?

There are a few ways in which you can make this go away.

Check for unread chat threads

Maybe you have a very old unread chat thread from a friend or perhaps a message from a friend just missed you or perhaps you were too busy to notice and it didn’t catch your eye. Scroll down below to your old threads and see for yourself if there are any old chats that you might have missed.

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